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Good Morning Sunshine – What a Glorious Morning

Good morning sunshine! As the people in Southeast New Mexico can tell you, we have some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets in the world.

There is just something so special, clear, and crisp about the morning light.

Whether you find a windmill, trees, or a pumpjack being struck by the first morning light, it all looks beautiful.

It’s a brand new day! Starting over with the sunshine on a fresh and clean slate.

It’s another chance to get things right that you might have messed up on yesterday.

It’s warm and inviting, and inspiring.

Even old, discarded and “out of service” things look good.

If you haven’t seen a sunrise in a while, I suggest you get up a little earlier and look towards the East. In the early morning sunshine, you will often find that God is giving us a small hint of what His glory looks like.